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whatever floats your boat

First it was cupcakes. Then, it was doughnuts. My new favorite delicious wedding treat? A Coke float station! This amazing detail at the wedding last night really got me thinking of different ways to incorporate a Coke/Root Beer/whatever-floats-your-boat station into a southern wedding, and Pinterest helped me out with some drool-worthy inspiration! 

This colorful DYI Float bar is a perfect way to make everyone happy! Whether your guests enjoy Root Beer, Diet Coke, or Coca Cola, or whether they want one scoop of ice cream or five (don’t judge, this is my preference, ya’ll), this is a surefire way to please the masses. And how can you not love these colorful pinwheels!? 

With a more rustic southern approach, this Root Beer float bar really makes me swoon with those personalized mason jar mugs, and how about those Love Floats straws? Sweet, simple, and yummy!

Maybe you want your floats to be a mini late-night snack. Pair these tiny ice cream floats with some delicious sliders for guests to fuel up after laboriously hitting the dance floor all night!  

Outdoor wedding in July? Cool your guests down with Ice Cream Float popsicles! This how-to even includes a cherry on top! 

Can’t stay away from cupcakes? Combine the two delicious treats into one yummy Root Beer Float Cupcake! This recipe tastes just like the real thing and is absolutely to die for! 

Ya’ll have any other Float Station suggestions? Maybe another great recipe or a creative way to display the tasty treats? Feel free to comment below! 

And y’all remember, it doesn’t get much more southern than Coca-Cola!